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May 19th, 2012

Inspiration Ration #4


In this ration of Inspiration I want to share 3 videos i’ve found. This 3 vidz are from artists, but 3 very different artists, you’ll see some graffiti, some vry cool water painting (yes, that’s right, water painting) and one more artist that makes sculptures. Well, Enjoy
February 10th, 2011

Art Blocks for Ghana


The Picture Book Project Foundation (PBP) presents Art Blocks for Ghana – an exhibit and charity art auction to benefit orphaned children in Ghana, West Africa.
May 4th, 2010

Tute Argentine Graphic Humor


Hello guys, today we venture into Argentine graphic humor once again. Tute is the nickname used by Juan Matías Loiseau,born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on May 21, 1974, son of the highly recognized Caloi and like his father transformed into one of the bearers of the Argentine graphic humor.
April 15th, 2010

Star Wars The Saga Continues – Fan Made Art


Hi folks, today I`ll talk a little bit about the work that continues the Star Wars saga after the 6 episodes made by George Lucas. On that story there is, to this day, any new release film project, however the fans are responsible for keeping it alive.
March 11th, 2010

Sand Drawing – Great Animations and Performances

sand_drawingSand Drawing is the name given to a style of live performance art, and also to a type of animation. An artist creates a series of images using sand, a process which is achieved by applying sand to a surface and then rendering images by drawing lines and figures in the sand with one’s hands. To increase visibility and to add further artistic aesthetic, a sand animation performer will often use the aid of an overhead projector or lightboard. In the latter, animators move around sand on a backlighted or frontlighted piece of glass to create each frame for their animated films. For extended information visit Wiki.