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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 | Written by:

Logo Design Love Book Review


Logo Design Love: a Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities from David Airey is a great Book on the subject, if you are interested on starting or improving your skillz on logo design you should definitely check it out.

It is separated into 3 Parts:

The Importance of Brand Identity:

In this part the author states the branding importance and how we interact with brands at almost everytime and everywhere even without realising it. He also adresses things needed to create an iconic brand identity.

The Process of Design

In the second part of the book we dive into the design process, from information gathering to the finished identity going through design briefs, pricing, scketching and more. This part is full with information and excellent tips from the author.

Keep the Fires Burning

Here we find a lot of tips to staying motivated through our projects. Some of these tips come from the author and also from other designers other designers who collaborate in the book. In this part we also find a chapter entirely dedicated to answering questions from David Aireys blogs and one last chapter presenting a quick and brief round up in design.


The book is very easy to read and understand. It presents tons of brand examples and case studies form the author and other designers, showcasing and explaining what set them a part making them Iconic Brands. A very interesting and usefull thing in the book is that the author covers the hole design process in a very descriptive way giving us the opportunity to improve ours and pick new tricks. As a bonus the author lists some great resources as other great graphic design blogs and Iconic Designers. And he also recommends us other design related books.

The book level is beginner – intermediate, I think this is an excellent read if you want to start on branding or improve your knowledge. It has tons of logos examples and lost of insights on them to help you to understand how to achieve the Iconic level in a brand. As I said earlier the book covers the whole design process, and this includes client handling and pricing, 2 things you and I know that need a lot of experience to master and that we often do not pay attention to. I found the insights of the author on both subjects very usefull.

You can fin out more about Logo esign Love here, and more about David Airey here.

If you have read this book I`d love to here what you think about it
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