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November 12th, 2013

How to Introduce your Graphic Design Skills to the Audience

Being a graphic designer take different flavors as the people need to work with letters, color, patter, illustrations, information, to create everything from reports to logos, maps to book covers, and much more. Most of the work is now done on computers using multimedia software packages. Thus a graphic designer should have creativity, originality and good computer skills.
April 17th, 2012

Logo Design Process for Batenco


It has been a while since I wrote a design article, I think this is a great way to get back on “the blogging side” of design. I’d just finished a job for a client that consisted in Logo design, some printed material, and a website, we may say the complete brand.
October 3rd, 2009

27 Designers You’ve Never Seen On A List Before


@bkmacdaddy is making a series of post showcasing designers that have never been on a list before, as he says this helps the design community to grow and also it helps us, designers, to get more exposure in the design world. I`ll love for this to become a montlhy feautyre on bkmacdaddys blog.
September 10th, 2009

10 Awesome Portfolios from argentinian Freelancers

Here are 10 of the best portfolios of argentinian graphic/web designers. If your looking for some inspiration to create your own portfolio I recommend you to read this post and check all the links. I have selected this 10 sites because of the diversity of designs and implementation.