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Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 | Written by:

Tute Argentine Graphic Humor


Hello guys, today we venture into Argentine graphic humor once again. Tute is the nickname used by Juan Matías Loiseau,born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on May 21, 1974, son of the highly recognized Caloi and like his father transformed into one of the bearers of the Argentine graphic humor.

Regarding his studies, we could say he definitely did not concentrate on any particular discipline, he studied a bit of graphic design, humor, filmmaking. This is not a minor detail when we consider that despite being graphic humor his specialty he is a highly versatile artist, a characteristic that makes him a great poet, filmmaker and composer; of these capabilities and achievements in these artistic veins I`ll delve below.


Tute bursts with rebellion and talent in the world of humor in 1995 with his first work in La Prensa newspaper. From 1999 until 2007, began its partnership with La Nacion newspaper, where he published a daily chart of humor, was recently in 2008 when it starts to perform would be his first daily strip “Batu” which continues today and that was collected in 2 volumes with the same name, plus every Sunday in “La Revista”(newspaper magazine) of La Nacion newspaper continues to publish his strips.


Tute’s strips features ordinary people, crossed by existential questions and emptied of identity. In his work he shows his creativity, perfectly combining humor, poetry, romance and irony.

His work gained international recognition, and this earned him publications in Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Panama, USA and France newspapers. Such was the popularity in Spain and France that also published compilations volumes of his strips, as well as “Batu.”


But as mentioned earlier this artist is not only a great cartoonist, is also a great poet, he published two books: El Destino, esa Sombra (editorial Nuevohacer, 1999) and El Libro de la Noche (editorial: Nuevohacer, 2000), he also left his mark in cinematographic ground. Conducted two short films: El Angel de Dorotea made in 2005, awarded at film festivals in Argentina and France, and Abismo made in 2006, awarded in Argentina and Chile. Finally his first Feature film “Cenizas” is in preproduction.


In the music world Tute made the cover artwork for various artists (Bardos Cadeneros y Ramiro Gallo Quinteto among others), also presented his own compositions at the 2009 Buenos AiresTango Festival interpreted by different figures of the River Plate music . He is currently preparing a CD and a series of shows with projections of his drawings with the singer and composer Hernán Lucero. The duo is also working on 3 musicals with lyrics and music composed by themselves.


As usual for anyone interested in this author and want to know a little more about him and his works here is his official site,

Booktrailer “Araca Corazon!”

YouTube Preview Image

Booktrailer “Batu 1”

YouTube Preview Image
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14 Responses

May 5, 2010

Love the first comic illustration depicted – too funny ” Como Era ? ” – what is even greater is to be able to have the Freedom to express ones views . Individuals such as Juan Matias , were not afforded such freedom of expression in Old Argentina – Im happy to see that Democracy now reigns supreme in allowing people to openly express their political views & poke fun at other trivialities of daily life . Yes, Democracy is a great thing now isnt it ? However, what I do like & appreciate about comic illustration art is that it crosses the barriers of language and can be easily interpreted by just about everyone. I will now check out Juans site even further ! :) Thanks for bringing yet another great artist to the forefront ! Great article Frederico :)


May 5, 2010

Very cool post! Keep up the good work!

May 5, 2010

Thanks for your comments and the good vibes people, Mia if you like argentine graphic humor a few months ago I made a post about another great artist, Ricardo Siri Liniers, please read them

For you and for anyone interested here´s the link:

May 6, 2010
Richard Ruben

Hi Mr. D,

I´ve really enjoyed your post about Tute. That´s an original vision of love & humor you don´t see in London. Hope to see more of this great argentinian artist.

Good vibes for you to my man!

Auf Wiedersehen!
Ricchi R.