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As you know, I’m always trying to find great resources for graphic design in the web, a couple of years ago in the university a group of professors teaching typography went ahead and started this project. I think that it is very interesting and useful, and I think today with the power of the web there are a lot of “designers” that could use a little knowledge on typography.

Open Educational Resources for Typography (OERT) is an open educational project available to everyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge of typography: students, teachers, or individuals interested in the subject. This project is built upon the course material prepared by Cátedra Cosgaya (FADU / UBA), a set of booklets that we began to produce in 1994 and which is currently organized into three sections: theoretical, historical, and practical. The project aims at expanding, updating, and editing the current material in Spanish, to translate it into English, and to publish it online under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

OERT offers a lot of articles regarding design and typography, among them you can find things such as: Text, image, dingbats and decorative elementsDesign and morphological operations with typographyOrigins of printingGraphic resources for regular editions and much more. All the content is currently available in spanish but they are translating everything into english, so check it out.

All the content in OERT is Attribution Share-Alike (CC BY-SA), This license allows others to alter, transform, and generate works derived from this project – even for commercial ends – as long as OERT is attributed and the new creations are equally licensed. This license is often compared with other free and open software licenses, like the “copyleft”. Because new works based on this license bear the same terms, the derivative works are also allowed for commercial uses. This license is used by Wikipedia, and it is recommended for those materials that can benefit with the incorporation of content from Wikipedia and other similarly-licensed projects, so if you are not interested in typography, but you run a “design” instead of creating a “25 super duper cat images post” you can choose a topic from OERT and share it with your readers, always linking back to the source.

Now go ahead and start learning about typography with OERT and let us know what you think about it.

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