Free Lightroom presets

Free Lightroom presets collections are very reliable and quick way to improve the images of various digital photography styles

Find 3 packs of free and professional LR presets for wedding, portrait and B&W photography. Here is a short review of these Lightroom presets

Wedding Lightroom presets FREE

Our professional collection of 10 free Lightroom wedding presets consist of different LR filters, which help the retoucher to make wedding photos more beautiful and especially romantic within a short period of time.

Cold light

With the aid of this professional LR preset you are available to change the tone of a picture. It combines the settings for image shadow and highlights, which create the necessary effect. The final photo becomes brighter, warmer and more soothing.

Warm filter

This is another type of free wedding Lightroom presets, which changes the boring color into more tender and saturated. As a result you have the color palette that rests the eyes and the image looks very daintily. The emphasis here is placed on the color contrast and saturation.

Medium contrast

If the editor needs to underline all the details of the wedding ceremony photo, the Medium Contrast LR preset copes with this task best of all. Install Lightroom presets bundle and apply this LR filter that gives you the ability of improving the purity of colors.


Among other free wedding presets for Lightroom Toning LR preset allows the photographer to adjust the shadows color separately. The photos get majestic vintage style.

Warm matte

This LR preset helps you to achieve an unusual old-movie effect. Due to soft matte colors the wedding pictures become especially romantic and charming.

Warm White balance

The LR preset is much wanted among other free Lightroom presets for weddings. The secret is in the gentle improving of highlights and dark parts at the photo. Moreover, it will underline the beauty of the wedding dress.

Soft light

If the wedding photo session is organized in the dark time of the day or in bad weather conditions, the following LR preset Soft Light fixes all the defects at the picture. The images will be as bright as they were photographed in the daytime.

B&W soft

If your task is getting marvelous documentary photos of the wedding ceremony, use this LR preset for creating the nostalgic mood. B&W preset is a great alternative for film and vintage pictures.

Vintage soft

Nowadays vintage style of the wedding photos is of big interest by many clients. Soft blue shades make the image extremely attractive and emphasize the vital details.

Toning orange

The main idea of this LR filter consists in regulating the temperature. Correct highlight and white balance change the images into warmer colors.

Free black and white Lightroom presets

All wedding and portrait photographers are available to make use of our Lightroom black and white presets free.

Black and white style of wedding photoshoots are in good request among modern couples. Here is a package of B&W professional LR presets, which were created especially for wedding photography.

Soft preset

It is a good choice for portrait images. This LR plugin lets the photographer create natural and artistic photo.

Soft LR presets for dark pictures

If your task is making an accent on the definite objects and details at the picture, which are too dark, use this variant of Lightroom presets black and white free. This unique LR preset copes with the task very gentle.

Soft skin LR preset

You can enhance the skin tone and increase the contrast. It also helps avoid all drawbacks of the shot made in photo studio.

Hard film

This LR preset is for those photographers, who want to create really splendid fashion picture with the maximal contrast. This Lightroom black and white preset matches for both portraiture and landscape images.

For dark hard

Apply this LR filter and make the emphasis on scratchy style of the picture.


This free Lightroom presets is highly recommended for couple and family photo sessions. The photo which is changed with the Chocolate Lightroom preset looks very sentimental and romantic.


This free LR preset belongs to the most qualitative free Lightroom presets black and white. After its usage you get really high qualified retouching. Despite of the B&W color palette, the final image looks quite colorful.


If the photographer needs to make the highlights of the photo less visible, and to create a blooming effect, there is not better LR preset for you as Matte. It helps him/her to perfect both foreground and backdrop.

Old film

When we talk about this sample of free black and white Lightroom presets, it is important to say that it can return you in the past. Shadows and highlight manipulations allows the photographer to turn quite usual photo into a scene from previous century life.

Contrast hard

This Lightroom preset helps you to achieve the glamour look of the picture. The secret is maximization of the contrast and minimization of highlights.

Free Portrait Lightroom presets

These are the most popular portrait presets for Lightroom free in Google

Soft balance

The main benefit of this portraiture LR preset is soft color palette. It is easy to apply. If the skin is a bit red and you need to lower the contrast – download this LR preset.

B&W light

Talking about this type of Lightroom presets for portraits free, it makes each portrait image gentle, clear and gives the picture an elegant vintage look.

Color white

This Lightroom preset can easily modify the colors of the image into cold. It matches winter portrait photo session best of all.

Warm toning

If the picture does not have enough brightness and looks dull, Warm Toning is the great sample of modern free Lightroom presets for portraits, which can fix the situation naturally.

Vintage soft

In case you need a documentary effect for the portrait, you can use this LR preset.

Contrast soft

If the photographer is interested in creating a soft photo, which is full of emotions, he/she can try over one of the new and unusual use these free Lightroom presets portraits.

Contrast for dark

In comparison with the previous LR preset, this one gives you the chance to make the hint of mystery at your picture. It becomes darker and saturated.

Soft light vignette

A lot of pro photographers apply this kind of advanced portrait Lightroom presets free. It is extremely essential to underline the face features of the model and the props on the foreground.

Soft skin

This is a must-have LR preset during the process of portrait retouching. With its help you will improve all skin drawbacks, make it smooth and clear.

Warn shadows

This LR preset will be a great variant for the outdoor portrait shooting. You will get incredible images full of warmth.

If your specialization is wedding ceremony session, you will like our LR wedding presets, Wedding entire collection and Vintage love LR presets, which make all your wedding images unbelievably beautiful.

Like classical colors? In this case you should try our B&W Lightroom presets and pay attention to the set of Matte Lightroom presets.

If you are fond of artistic filters, Film presets for LR and our unique Chocolate drama collection are for you. The package of Sepia Fantasy LR presets will give you the chance to create splendid vintage portraits. Winter LR presets collection has the newest presets for Lightroom free, with the help of which you enhance your winter shots.

All these free Lightroom presets were designed by US photo retouching service FixThePhoto.

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