Use Google Related Links to Display Related Articles in Your Blog

When you are running a blog over the web, you would certainly like to see traffic over it. For this you need to do a number of things including adding certain useful links to attract visitors to remain there for long.

If you talk about such links then the Google Related Links are among the best and the most powerful options for your blog to attract traffic over it. These are quality links and certainly would give you better visibility to your blog over the web landscape. However, with this you also see some risk since these related links can overshadow the content of your blog as they are rich in updates as compared to your blog posts and articles. So, when your blog gets a better visibility, it will tend to attract more people over provided you are able to maintain a good quality of content over it, you can certainly end up getting a good readership. However, with low quality content, you can ruin the credibility of your blog. The Google Related Links really play a vital part in displaying and making the relevant articles over your blog before your target audience. Now, let’s check some of the ways in which you can do so in the following paragraphs.

Using WordPress Plugins

If you have a WordPress based blogs, you can avail a number of plugins over this platform for the Google Related Links. Using the plugins over this platform can make things simple for you thus you end up generating a good amount of traffic for your blog. These plugins are also able to synchronize with your blog content in such a manner that the Google related links can work very easily and consistently over your blog. Also, you can use other plugins for this job, which can be found over the web but make sure you get the right one. The result you get through the relevant plugins would be good since these really carry the job of displaying Google links over your blog with utter perfection.

Use the Google Related Post Links

This is nothing but a plugin or an application for the Google related links, which can help your blog to get good visibility. It is very much user friendly and hence extremely simple and powerful option for you to use. With the help of this application you can find relevant links from different search engines apart from Google as well. This will therefore help you in giving a better visibility all across different search engines. This simply ends up getting a listing of around 8 quality links of your niche area. It will help in harnessing optimization related posts for your blog; hence the traffic you get would be simply incredible.

Through the Coding option

If you are keen to add relevant Google links over your blog then also have the option of using the thumbnails and certain CSS Coding. All you need to do is to find the relevant code or in case know programming can write the said code on your own and do the needful. This is certainly not a rocket science and hence can be done very easily and the kind of result you get via this option is really good. So, don’t forget trying this option at the top.

By using YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)

The YARPP is among the popular plugins in the WordPress based community as it has a number of interesting and unique features, which help in getting relevant links as per your blog niche. Also, you get the opportunity to compare your blog with the obtained related links while using this application over your blog. Working with this plugin is really simple, which include the different steps including working on template, thumbnail, caching and algorithm part. All of these elements or steps happen to be very much intuitive in nature. Also, there are certain features in this Plugin, which can boost the footfalls of your blog to a great extent. The best part of this plugin is that it will always give you relevant links; hence bloggers do not have any problem in accepting the same. Lastly, using the same can really save whole lot of your time and money.

By SEO Auto Links & Related Posts

This is also a plugin, which can help you in obtaining related links for your blog. It is among the most user-friendly option in nature and hence you can work with it without any hassle. You can find 8 different relevant post lists with the help of this plugin and also plays its part in engaging the visitors over your blog for a longer duration. Since, this plugin is able to extract the exact and relevant content links from Google and other search engines and deliver the same at your blog, so the chances of your visitors to leave your blog is very much low.

Final word

In this way, you can add the Google related post links over your blog with the above discussed way as per your needs and requirements. So, do you find these options as rocket science, certainly not!

This Post is written by Claudia. She is a writer/blogger. She writes articles on Technology, social media, wordpress, Gamification, online development and software development etc. These days she contributes on Seomorpheus

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