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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 | Written by:

Ingimage – Over a Million Images, get them Free!


Up and coming stock photo agency have this month realised a brand new website design, and with it a free trial subscription that is a real treat for any graphic designer.

Unlike their major rivals in the industry, Ingimage doesn’t focus on the quantity of their collection. Instead the UK based agency has a team of skilled editors who handpick all their images. This unusual approach means that Ingimage have 10x their fair share of knock out imagery. With the other key advantage being that every image is both technically and artistically strong.

Vital Statistics

  • 1 million images (and counting…)
  • Images added weekly
  • Online since 2008 – New site launched February 2012
  • Sells JPG, EPS and fonts
  • Royalty Free and Extended License only
  • Subscription based
  • All model released guaranteed
  • New ‘any 35 XL Images’ Free Trial

How it Works


First up, Ingimage has a new Free Trial going …. which essentially means no investment to thoroughly try the site, 35 high resolution downloads and unlike others trials you get free reign over the whole collection.

The other unusually aspect of Ingimage is their straight forward ‘subscription only’ business model. This of course targets higher volume users, but their pricing offers value that is extremely difficult to match. If you are fed up your profit trickling away into credit purchase, and don’t want to splash out on others  subscription plans (which can costs uo to 3 times as much), Ingimage’s ‘6 cent per image’ subscription, which gives you 250 downloads / week) – will be extremely tempting to you.

Ingimage offers four time-based subscriptions: 1, 3, 6 & 12 months, the best deal being the 12 month sub with works out at around $0.06 per image

The Image Search


Ingimage isn’t loaded will bells and whistles – but it is simple, accurate and easy to use. It is also fully functional in 6 different languages. The features include:

  • One-click downloads straight from search
  • Up to 200 results per page
  • Change size of thumbnails
  • Exclude keywords
  • Search by file type
  • Orientation
  • Colour / B&W

The Free Trial Subscription


This offer gives each new member the opportunity to download 35 royalty free images. You get the full choice of 1 million images, and can keep using them in your projects for as long as you like after the trial.

There’s no commitment required whatsoever and you get access to the largest file sizes ! It is a great incentive program to attract new members, and to show off the depth of their collection!

Spreading the Word


This is very simple – as an Ingimage affiliate you earn 20% on all referred sales. This means if you’ve got a website or blog with a reasonable amount of traffic you can probably cover the cost of your subscription within a few months. They also have a professionally designed range of banners that won’t look sell out on your website.

My prediction is that their free trial will undoubtedly prove to create a buzz amongst the design community… so you could do a lot worse than to spend 10 minutes sending out a cheeky recommendation to your email lists and get your share of the profits!

The Gauntlet has Been Thrown Down

When it comes down to it this attractive and fresh feeling agency is appealing to image consuming graphic designers working on a mid/low budget. Thanks to Ingimage’s selection editing, they deliver consistently high quality content that won’t let you down.

As a graphic designer you might ask if Ingimage’s collection of 1 million images is really enough big enough to see you though every project? Well, the gauntlets been thrown down … so get on their free subscription, and if you’re not convinced after 7 days you’ve lost nothing apart from 150MB of hard disk space to store your 35 premium images.

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7 Responses

February 21, 2012

Thanks for letting me know about this! So if I gather right we get 5 images per day with the free version? I also assume they are little tiny version for our blogs like the ones you have now? I love the images, blog articles are so much cool when we use them!

February 22, 2012

I’m on my second day of the trial and have been downloading 10 images so far. You can download low res suitable for blog posts but I downloaded all mine in high res (why not?). Quality is great!

February 25, 2012

Great! Thanks for this. I’m starting download :)

February 25, 2012

I`ve got to connect ma credit card for trial? Why?