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Thursday, January 5th, 2012 | Written by:

5 Famous Brand Logos You Can Create With Geometric Shapes


Looking back at your college days, you wish you had paid more attention to your math and arithmetic class. I say this because of the immense importance that geometry plays in graphic design.

One of the subcategories of graphic designing is logo and identity development. Most people assume that geometrical knowledge has nothing to do with designing and creative art. But if you cite examples of famous logos for major brands, you will observe that it is otherwise.

Hallmark of famous logos is simplicity and creativity. Brands like Nike, FedEx and Pepsi all have logos that are simple looking yet highly effectual. Creating effective logos comprise of expressing the company message to the intended customers in a clear and understandable manner. You must be wondering how these famous logos were created with so much complex shapes and symbols. But in reality, most of them were designed using simple geometric shapes like circles, rectangles and triangles.

In this post, I shall reveal the tricks through which you can also create 5 famous logos like Pepsi, Chanel, North West Airlines, Cargoline and Ubuntu logo using just basic geometric shapes. But do assume that the concept behind these logos was trouble-free too. Through this, you will realize the significance of knowing your basic shapes and symbols.

Chanel Logo:


You must be familiar of the France-based fashion brand, Chanel. Its logo design is one a creative combination of 2 ‘C’ mirrored alongside each other. You can re-create this logo in a matter of minutes using just a few circles and triangles. Start by creating a black circle and a smaller white circle on top of it to give it a ring shape. Repeat the same and inter-loop the two rings. To achieve the letter ‘C’ effect, place two white triangles on each side.

North West Airlines Logo:


A prominent US-based airline named Northwest Airlines Inc. was established in 1926. Its logo reveals a perfect example of how to create hidden logos. The design cleverly shows the letter ‘N’ within ‘W’ using a red triangle in the upper left corner. But you can effortlessly re-create this logo by placing a white rectangle onto the letter ‘W’ to give the negative space effect and also reveal letter ‘N’.

Ubuntu Logo:


Microsoft Windows’ major competitor is Linux Ubuntu. Its logo is another perfect example of how simple shapes and symbols can create a memorable logo. You may think that it is created using complex shapes and characters. But it is simply a combination of circles and rectangles. The central loop was created using 2 circles while the three gaps on the ring are designed using three white rectangles.

Pepsi Logo:


Even though the new Pepsi logo was not much like by the public, its old “bottle cap shaped” logo was extremely memorable and popular. You might think that the wavy effect is difficult to re-create, but it can be easily made using simple geometric shapes. Simple illustrate two half circles (red and blue) and position a white colored ‘~’ sign, found on your keyboard, sandwiched between both semicircles.

Cargoline Logo:


Another complex looking logo that can be easily re-created is Cargoline logo. As you can see, the logo cleverly slots in a ‘K’ within the letter ‘C’. Even though the concept behind this is truly a work of genius, it can be created using only rectangles and circles. Start by creating a ‘C’ using a red circle and another smaller white circle within to create a ring shape. To form the ‘K’, diagonally place a white rectangle on the ‘C’ and then place two red rectangles that represent the legs of letter ‘K’.
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May 8, 2012

Do u think we have got the same imagination levels to produce such creative logo’s.. I need to admit that I didn’t have such beautiful mind..