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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 | Written by:

Philosophy Revealed by Naruto


What makes Naruto so popular? Complicated story and stimulating fights among ninjas are both interesting. But what mostly impressed me was philosophy revealed by Naruto. Below, let’s take a closer look at philosophy embodied by different characters.


pic 1

Haku was the first role that touched my heartstring. In spite of being a tool for Zabuza, Haku considers Zabuza to be the most important person. He doesn’t want Zabuza to suffer any hurt. He can even sacrifice himself for rescuing Zabuza. Probably, somebody will think Haku is foolish because of being utilized by a criminal. But in a society where all people cheat others due to their own benefits, who can think over who are the most persons for them and protect their beloved regardless of anything?

How many people have found their most important persons? Haku’s insistence was rewarded. Zabuza was moved and it’s Haku who made Zabuza, who did something disreputable, become gorgeous at the end of his life. So, Zabuza also found his most significant person. Haku protects his beloved and keeps calm from beginning to end, even on his deathbed. Do you also know what the most important matter or person is for you? Can you protect it desperately?

Gai & Rock Lee

pic 2

After watching Naruto, we get to know there is also a kind of talent, called endeavor. Gai had ever said to Rock Lee, who’s a laggard, like this “you are also a genius, a struggling genius”. Gai found Rock Lee was definitely a reflection for himself. To be an excellent ninja, Rock Lee, who don’t know ninjutsu, paid much more than others. For sure, persistent diligence and endeavor on Rock Lee can’t be achieved by all people. But there is only a small amount of geniuses in the world. Most people are common.

When you feel frustrated or complaining after failing, do you think this is caused by an insufficient attempt? When you find you are worse than others, do you study from Rock Lee and make greater efforts? When you feel envious about geniuses’ success or about others’ wisdom, do you also pick up the must-have weapon – endeavor? Yes, we may be not talents. We may be born to be ordinary. But everybody can try hard and everybody can be a struggling genius!


pic 3

Iruka is a common ninja in the Leaf Village and a teacher in the Leaf Village School. But this ordinary teacher takes a crucial role in Naruto. It’s due to his care and love that help Uzumaki not step on a wrong road. Thus, Iruka is undoubtedly an excellent teacher. Either in anime or real society, our sight is often attracted by those powerful persons and tends to neglect great people from the common rank. Iruka is definitely an ordinary, yet great ninja. Actually, there are persons like Iruka around us. No matter for kinship, friendship or love, once you can pay sincerely and unselfishly like Iruka, you will be great!


pic 4

“I want to be a common ninja and earn some money. Then, marry with an ordinary woman and have two children. One is a girl and another one is a boy. When my daughter marries and my son is powerful enough, I will retire. Later, I will play shogi or chess everyday and die earlier than my wife.” This is Shikamaru’s dream, sounding rather common and insignificant while being compared with other people’s lofty dreams. But Shikamaru have never given it up, which is exactly the reason why Shikamaru gains affection and makes people moved.

Naruto is filled with pursuit for life’s meaning. In almost each big fight, both sides of people will retrospect their life process and probe the meaning of their life. Seemingly, it’s a fight between ninjas. But actually, it’s a match on philosophy of life. Ninjas seek for their life goals while fighting. This even makes sense on Akimichi Choji, who considers bread is the stall of life. He also had ever felt perplexed about the meaning of life. But Shikamaru is different. He had hardly discussed outlook on life with other people, because he has already had a life goal that can be realized without too much endeavor.


pic 5

Everybody’s fate has been decided when he/she was born, which can’t be changed. This is the outlook on life embraced by Neji, which is obviously wrong. Can people’s fate be changed? For sure, it’s feasible. Everybody owns Gai and Rock Lee’s weapon – endeavor. If not making efforts, Gai and Rock Lee would be laggards from childhood to grown-up. Obviously, they become excellent ninjas by endeavor. In the real life, you will have many plans on study, work and also life. But you may find they produce only small effects. Apparently, not everybody can be as studious as Gai and Rock Lee.

In reality, everybody tries to change others. Parents want to change kids. Kids want to resist parents. You expect to change others and make them have the same thought with you. But obviously, this is impossible because all people neglect this: it’s better to introspect than to complain. A certain well-known person said like this when introspecting his life: I had a massive ambition when I was young and wanted to change the world. But I knew this was impossible when I had strived half a lifetime.

People’s energy is limited. I should narrow the scope and change people around me. But when it comes to the twilight years, I found I was wrong again. Everybody has his/her own thought and features. I can’t change other people. What I can do is just to be myself. I should be an excellent example for young people around me and affect others by my charm. I find I can do this.

What have you perceived after seeing Naruto? Is it the moving mood or great philosophy on life?
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