!Important Declaration

It’s been a while since I used an html template or even created an entire website with HTML and CSS, and when I re entered this world I found odd things everywhere. One of them was this strange thing, !important highlighted in red in dreamweaver. At the beginig I didn’t recognized it so I had to read a little. This is for all the begginers/intermediate web designers like myself, that don’t have the knowledge of a developer but still like to do your own HTML and CSS.

Use of the !Important Declaration

You can use the !important declaration to give more weigth to a declaration over another one that could override it. Let’s check a very easy example:

MyAwesomeDiv {font-family: verdana, arial !important;
font-family: georgia ;

So bare with me for a moment and think that those lines of css are something that you could use in a web site (It is just a quick example). The idea of the !important statement is that it overrides the other one, so let’s say that you are not a super awesome developer, and you do everything right but there’s that little margin that no matter what you do, you can´t solve, well,Thank Css God for !important and give it a try.

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