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Thursday, March 1st, 2012 | Written by:

Where Is Web Design Heading In 2012 And Beyond?


It is said that change is the only thing that is constant with time. Everything around us is constantly changing and technology has made some vast advancement too. This will continue to occur as we are trying to upgrade every product made till date and find better alternatives.

The world of internet is no exception to this rule and we can expect some really powerful changes in 2012. In the field of web design and development we could see the cellular market spring into action. Native apps are a potential threat to the open web market. The information and functionality which was open to all previously is now being obstructed by pay walls. Although it is difficult to pin point the results of this, yet here is an assorted thought process as to where the web design has really headed to.

Progressive Enhancement

As the market for mobile phones and Web-Kit powered smart-phones are on the rise, they play a major dominant role over desktop web browsing. Progressive enhancement has to be embraced; this is the age of HTML5, CSS3 and other such aspects of standard based design.

Receptive Design

Currently there is countless number of devices available which offer a wide variety of functionalities. To create a common interface to run on these devices for the apps is a really challenging task. Thus responsive design will be a major part to bridge the gap between hardware and software. You can experience a plethora of responsive websites as well. Although this transition may not be smooth, yet there are high chances for it to occur.

Inbuilt Support for Plug-ins

With the increase in support for various aspects like HTML5 and CSS3, it will become necessary for the many browsers and platforms to accommodate native support. The pressure will mount on to these browsers for the support of features that we used mainly for cameras and other plug in devices. This will also see an enhancement in the field of adaptive multimedia streaming.

Web App Fragmentation

Although there might be a boost in the various web apps, yet there will be a greater replacement process of the already existing apps. Such is the prediction. So it is more of a consolidation against fragmentation case. Localization of these web apps is what hurts the user. They are specific to the developing software or interface. However it is expected to remove the dependence on a single vendor for application development.

Expansion of the Mobile Market

With the increasing mobile traffic and updates, 2012 will witness a blast which will result in a plethora of mobile web based apps. With respect to market share, it is expected that it will grow by 10 % or more. The demand for mobile websites will be really high and the web developers should be ready to meet this challenge; else they may lose out on their clients. Selective design or rather responsive design is required for these sites. Particular details of the website will meet the top priority list and only those items will be displayed on the cell phones.

The web design world is in for serious work and changes. If they are not ready, it will be a mess. These were just a few prognostications for web design and development in 2012. As we progress through the year, it is but natural that we will be talking of newer developments; something which we would term as useful and upgraded.
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March 2, 2012

With the increasing mobile traffic and updates, 2012 will witness a blast which will result in a plethora of mobile web based apps.

March 10, 2012

Nice. Its very informative about web design. Actually Web design is the process of planning and creating a website. Text, images, digital media and interactive elements are used by web designers to produce the page seen on the web browser. Web designers utilize markup language, most notably HTML for structure and CSS for presentation as well as JavaScript to add interactivity to develop pages that can be read by web browsers.