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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 | Written by:

How to Create a Killer Web Design Proposal for Your next Project


Times are tough and so is the competition. You are no longer floored with projects after projects, those good old days are gone. In fact, jobs are few and far between and that means, you need to do some extra works to impress the prospective clients.

If you think that bidding at lower amount will do the job, you could not be more than wrong. The simple rule of thumb is that, if you are bidding at lower prices, quality of the work is certainly going to suffer. So, this is not going to work. So, you need to get your gloves off and get ready for some serious work to create a killer proposal for your next design project. Lets find out the probable ingredients of an un-putdownable proposal:

Hit The Problem Headlong


There is no need to give a long and boring piece of introduction about yourself or your company, unless the introduction holds some water. Your proposal should propose the action that you are supposed to take to address the problem. Use concrete words and give a brief details of what you are supposed to do and this the best solution for the problem he is facing.

In simple English, you have to be very clear in your words and you have to be double sure that there is no vague item existing in your list. Failure to explain a scope can lead to complete loss of credibility. Do not use such terms like – “Other”, “God forbid”, “Miscellaneous” as they will be adding to vagueness. Keep the proposal closely neat and compact.

Do Not Give Away All The Details


You should be too naïve to give away all the details about the project. Like if the project is about developing a wordpress plugin, you need to make sure that you are not telling the clients the resource that you are supposed to use while developing the wordpress plugin. Otherwise, if the client is smart, he will develop it himself and you will be the loser.

Another piece of advice, do not make the proposal too compact. There should be some rooms for discussion as this will make the client contact you. Getting a mail back from client offers the best chance for conversion. Moreover, if you are providing a detailed proposal, the clients may come up with some uncomfortable questions that can take you off the guard all of a sudden. Here the rule of thumb is that you need to provide as much information as required to make the client feel good and satisfied. No need to provide all the details, as it can either overwhelm him or you.

Do Your Home Work


It is not good idea to send a proposal that contains for factual and contextual errors. I mean, the proposal should not contain any information that can reduce you to an average Joe always looking or begging for job. To reduce errors, you need to try your hands at some spreadsheets and take the help of some online proposal management services and you will be able to impress the prospective client for sure.

Time is Money


Just bidding first on the proposal is not going to help win it and I must say, you must avoid this if you are a newbie. Rather than racing ahead of the time, you should take your time and create a comprehensive and compelling proposal that can keep alive your hope of winning the bid.

Be Creative


Do not send your proposal in a plain doc. If you are in a creative world, you need to show some creative touches in the proposal itself. Add a nice looking header and proposal should have proposal formatting and it will be great if you can add clickable links right into the document. Make it brief, add some subheadings, bulleted points and nice a logo and you will have a brighter world to explore.

Do Not Be late


It is not cool to be late with your proposal. If you are taking up too much time to prepare the proposal, you might end up with losing the client. There are too many good people out there and that means, if you are taking things too lightly, your competitors can grab the project in the mean time. So, better hurry up.
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5 Responses

February 8, 2012

Great tips. To add a couple more, it’s important what you do before and after writing the proposal.

Preparing and asking the right questions so you really understand what is important to whom helps you solve the real problems and present a crisp, compelling proposal.

Using an online proposal system [shameless plug-- we offer one] also makes it faster and easier to actually close the business.

March 13, 2012

Great post. It’s important for all freelancers and companies to know how to make good proposals.

May 28, 2012

great piece of information shared , useful indeed :)