7 Content Curation Tools To Make Your Landing Page Rock

Whether you are an e-commerce site admin or a content manager for online stores, chances are that you rely on certain tools to get the job done. Finding the best tools for content curation of e-commerce landing pages can often be frustrating due to the sheer variety on offer.

However, settling for several tried-and-tested offerings is always a good choice no matter the industry your online store targets. Let’s take a look at some representative content curation tools which can make your landing page shine with new light and rock the conversion numbers like never before.


Curating your site’s content is nigh impossible without knowing what’s going on in the industry at large. Scoop.it is a platform dedicated to centralizing news stories and trends from specific industries. All you have to do is enter your industry’s keywords into the search tools and wait for the data to generate.

There is no point in curating your own content without using the industry at large as an example. Adequate research and content selection is the key to driving traffic in online stores. You can use Scoop.it to pinpoint which content should find its place on your landing page and what types of e-commerce themes work best for sales.


Content outsourcing in e-commerce store curation is a great idea for site administrators. You may not know how to write or format your own landing page’s content effectively so you should look for alternative solutions to rely on. FlashEssay is a popular writing platform that boasts very quick delivery times.

This is a great opportunity for online stores and their landing pages since their content changes fairly frequently. FlashEssay also features a number of different writing services that can be useful for the internal pages of your website if you don’t have a content creator onboard.


Making your landing page shine often comes down to the content choices you make personally. Even though there are numerous tools for discovering trending content out there, your own choices will often determine the effectiveness of your e-commerce store. To that end, a tool such as Pocket will have you covered. Pocket is designed with news feeds in mind and features numerous prolific industries.

However, Pocket differentiates from other tools by allowing you to save the content you find interesting and group it into categories. That way, you will always have access to your favorite sources of inspiration, content worth adding to your store or new products for your store. Pocket is featured both as an online platform and a smartphone app which adds another layer of comfort for you like the content curator in charge of the landing page.


Every link that finds its way to your landing page will have to feature substantial content. After all, this is the only way to convince your visitors of your legitimacy and professionalism. Even though EssaySupply mainly focuses on academic writing, its service portfolio offers a lot of options for e-commerce websites.

You can use EssaySupply to write product descriptions and calls to action for each of the products and services featured on your website. These can then be used on your landing page to showcase popular products and attract customers towards them. Having a content creator on the payroll 24/7 will cause your revenue to take a hit due to their expenses.

Using a writing platform to outsource your writing per-project is a much smarter content curation choice. Besides, you can always check a review to see what a given service can offer. There’s a whole niche of review websites so you can choose the writing service that will be the perfect fit for your needs, be it EssaySupply or another tool.


Doing a content audit on your e-commerce website can be an exhausting process – especially for small teams or individual administrators. Tools such as Curata can help you manage the content curation process with ease and precision unparalleled by human curators. Even if you have a lot of experience in this niche, it’s still very difficult to optimize landing pages by heart. It’s best to rely on analysis and optimization tools to help you determine what content should be featured on your clients’ home pages.

Curata is designed with site analysis and content suggestions in mind. It effectively scans your website for weak spots, suggests new content types and creates a detailed analysis of your landing page. In short, Curata is able to fully automate your content curation process and allow you to focus on sales and customer support.


Copywriting content curation in your landing page optimization plays just as important of a role as the featured products you chose to include. You can create attractive catchphrases, calls to action or sales pitches which can then be placed on your landing page for added customer’s incentive. GetGoodGrade is a writing platform with extensive copywriting support for third-party websites.

Even if you don’t have any written materials in place, you can still use GetGoodGrade to get copywriting done for your e-commerce website. Keep in mind that you will have to act as the guide of the project and communicate your needs effectively in order to get relevant materials in return. However, this is a small price to pay given the effect of good copywriting on potential customers.


One of the most important things nowadays is to make sure your website is accessible by different devices and it looks just as you want it to on all of them. Duda is a web design platform for agencies, digital publishers and hosting companies that offer services to small businesses. This platform includes a website builder, team collaboration, and client management tools.

One of the best Duda’s option is an opportunity to keep an existing unresponsive website and automatically create its mobile-friendly version by simply entering your site’s URL to a website builder.


Whether you implement writing, web design or both in your landing page optimization, it’s important to keep the original idea and intent of your site in mind. Focus on maintaining a consistent brand image in order to build industry authority with existing and potential customers.

Don’t put just anything on your e-commerce landing page and be selective of what constitutes high-quality content. That way, any content you curate and place on the landing page will speak volumes of who you are and how you see your business.

Natalie Andersen is an editorial writer and enthusiastic blogger. She believes that everyone’s life has to be the result of the choices they make, but a helping hand is always welcomed.

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