5 Best WordPress Themes for Infographics

Infographics play an important role in improving user experience. It is one of the most interactive ways to highlight the content of your website. Today, the evolution of WordPress has made it quite easy for web users to create and maintain a website effortlessly. Themes, plugins and widgets make the whole process even easier and convenient. As a matter of fact, a wordpress theme can make or break your website. Therefore, it becomes all the necessary to choose a theme that complements your website and content. There are hundreds and thousands of themes available on the internet today. Infographics wordpress themes are no different. These themes are perfect for giving your website a unique look. They come with many interactive elements such as images flip, icons, and animations. You can create different computer graphics such as charts, vertical graphs, graphics horizontal, and accountants.

Here are the 5 best wordpress themes for infographics that you can make use of to improve user experience on your website.

Multi infographer

Multi infographer

Multi infographer is one of the popular wordpress infographics themes for showcasing computer graphics. The theme is developed by experienced elite author. You can also create numerous parallax pages and choose from 4 ajax fluid animations. The theme comes with in-built amazing in-built computer graphics that can be used on any web page. You can also add different pages with their own custom header, sliders and images. In addition, multi infographer is a responsive theme, which means it responds perfectly to different devices and screen sizes.

Rock Group multipurpose infographic theme

Rock Group multipurpose infographic theme

Rock group multipurpose infographic theme is a versatile infographic theme. The theme is a perfect blend of customization, interactivity and infographics. The theme comes loaded with built composer to enable website owner to create interactive pages. With just few clicks, you can build a complete fully functional online store. Rock Group multipurpose infographic theme features creative color schemes, four different styles of impressive computer graphics, buyer friendly option, royal and revolution sliders and much more.

Infographics – WP business theme

Infographics - WP business theme

WP business theme offers 3 different color schemes (orange, green and blue). The theme also comes loaded with slider, gallery, and set of plugins. WP business theme features a set of fonts that can be used on any page of the website. The theme is highly responsive, compatible with every browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 8+, and is also retina ready.

Info space

Info Space

Info space is one of the most versatile themes that come with more than 12 infographic elements. You are also provided with drag and drop page builder to enable you create pages and manage elements effortlessly.



Orlando is an amazing infographics wordpress theme loaded with advanced features. The theme comes with a plugin that allows you to create a website with just drag and drop option without having any technical knowledge. Orlando offers more than 10 different animation drop-down menus. The theme also allows you to include tweets, videos, photos and other types of media to help you highlight your story on your website.

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  • August 25, 2016

    Evan Ross

    Info Space is the best WordPress theme for infographics, I have used till now.

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