Inspiration Ration #11


Well guys, it’s the weekend, here in Argentina it’s Friends Day, I just started my 2 weeks break from school, so this time I have 3 great music videos for you. All of them are unique and show awesomeness. Please enjoy them, and have a great weekend.

Steve Aoki ft. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker ‘Cudi The Kid’

Not much to say here, this video is very interesting, it has some great effects and marvelous photography, A great piece of design

  • Director / Edit / Post & VFX: Jam Sutton
  • Production: Doomsday Entertainment
  • Exec. Producer: Danielle Hinde

More info here

Take Your Medicine

“Take Your Medicine” is the second single off Transfer’s debut album,“Future Selves,” slated for a September 19th release on Cool Green Recordings/Mascot Label Group. The video is Directed by Nader Husseini and produced/edited by Amy Grieshaber. Radium/Reel FX turnkeyed the spot.

  • Director: Nader Husseini
  • Concept Artists: Nader Husseini – Yashar Tahtolkassai
  • Motion Designers: Nader Husseini – Byron Slaybaugh – Christopher Vela

More info here

Friends “Mind Control”

I think this video has a lot of good things, one of them is that the guys who did it acomplished a great rhythm, they also combined a “vintage” look with some psycodelic effects and colours that keep sending me back to see the video again and again.

  • Director: Nader Husseini
  • Producer: Ryan Kohler
  • Vfx: Bonnie Brae (Steve Drypolcher & Hiro Murai)

More info here

Hope you like it, please enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Hi!, mi name is Franco Averta, i`m from Argentina. Currently I`m studying to become a Graphic Designer. I`m the founder of Concept Dezain, my design company. Contact me via email.

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