Footer Designs for the Forward Thinking


When designing a website, most give a great deal of thought to the header design. After all, it is the first thing one sees when they come to the site. The footer, on the other hand, is often used simply for copyright and disclaimers.

Maybe it is time to think again and use that space for something a little more creative. Here are twenty-five designs to help get you started.

43 Folders

43 Folders

This design brings to mind to-do lists and leaves the viewer with an easy way to determine exactly what is important and what not to waste time on.



With the bright RSS balloon in the upper right corner, it draws the eye and invites the viewer to take flight with the website.

Bristol Archive Records

Bristol Archive Records

The placement of the bridge in the middle of this footer gives the idea of connection. It draws the eye across from the left of the screen to the right where the viewer can connect with the site.

CSS Tricks (Old Design)


This footer uses whimsy to encourage the viewer to follow them to Twitter. The old fashion space ship is a nice juxtaposition against the modern image of social media.

David Hellmann (Old Design)


The cozy nature of this footer invites the viewer to sit and say awhile. The cool greens also give a relaxed feel to the site.

Dean Oakley

Dean Oakley

Humor is always appreciated. The sign pointing in an obscure direction, and the two birds, which seem to be pondering which way to go, will keep readers chuckling.



This footer shows off the mission of the website by being creative. It is a nice mix of color and drawing.

Groovy Web Design

Groovy Web Design

This footer gives a whole new meaning to Shark Week. The fun and outrageous style makes the viewer want to be part of the fun.

I Love Mac apps (Old Design)


This footer is a little more understated, but it gives the viewer a lot of information about the company in an easy to read and find format.

I PrimiDieci

I primi dieci

Regardless of the language, this footer shouts fun. The pictures draw the viewer in, and create mystery as to exactly what one might find behind the curtain.



A bright splash of color always gets notice. From the red paint in the upper left corner to the colorful circles in the bottom right, it is hard not to stop and take a look.

Jeannie Web


This footer brings with it a little fun and leaves room for a little business as well. Cute characters always entice viewers to join in the fun.

Kidd 81


This design says it all. It is fun-packed and creative. This is a great idea for a kid themed website. Everyone will want to be part of the party.



This footer brings back a little old-world charm. It highlights what the website is all about and adds a little mystic at the same time.

Living Design


This footer also brings old-world charm into the modern age. Showcasing some of the great designs of the past is a great way to highlight the possibilities of modern design.

Meca Graphics

Meca Graphics

A call to action is always important to get your clients moving. This footer certainly is not subtle about telling its customers exactly what it wants them to do. It also gives them an easy way to do it.



This footer is very simple and straight to the point. It gives the users three options so they are not bombarded with buttons and options.

National Mechanics

National Mechanics

The unusual graphics of this footer compel the viewer to take a moment and look around. It also gives room to advertise all the ways the viewer can connect with the business.

TJ Maps (offline)


This footer has one job, to promote social media. There are no other options in this footer other than to check out the various social media networks that are available.



This footer also uses a cartoon creation. It draws in the eye and stops the viewer from leaving before they take the time to read the information provided.

Snail Bird


Using photos in your footer is a great way to display what is important. It gives the viewer easy access to your portfolio. This footer uses color and a playful design to make it fun and inviting.


Arbel Designs

This cartoon footer definitely catches the eye of the user. It makes the viewer analyze the footer to see if there are any hidden characters causing them to stay on the site longer.



This footer uses a Japanese anime look to entertain the viewer. The stylized figures take the ordinary and mix it up.

WP Mojo


There is no doubt that this footer has plenty of mojo. Its call to action is done in a humorous way to make the viewer want to get involved.



The use of interesting graphics and simple colors give this footer a clean feel.

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  • June 7, 2012

    Footer Designs for the Forward Thinking | Concept Dezain…

    When designing a website, most give a great deal of thought to the header design. After all, it is the first thing one sees when they come to the site. The footer, on the other hand, is often used simply for copyright and disclaimers….

  • June 11, 2012

    Paul Salmon

    The footer is one thing that I do think about when I work on my blog. I really haven’t done anything with the footer except just to put the copyright information. For my new template, however, I think I’ll include more information as it is a good place to display other info without crowding my blog.

  • June 19, 2012

    Franco Averta

    You are right, it has become a very important section of the website, where you can do all sort of different things, and we should all keep that in mind when designing a new website

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