5 Fantastic Writing Blogs You Should Start Following


Writing is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings. None of us is an island, and as a writer you would not be anywhere without reading or observing others. Today expressing yourself is as easy as it can get via blogging.

To be a great blogger keep your reader’s curiosity levels consistent and this can be a true measure of your blog’s success. Devise various techniques and strategies to keep your followers engaged and never stop reading. Keep an eye on other famous writers and follow their blogs. Leverage technology to enthrall your readers and hone your writing skills by following famous and informative writing blogs. Here are five fantastic writing blogs you should start following to become an effective blogger.

1. CopyBlogger


If your writing style enthralls an online reader, then this is the blog you should follow. This will help you learn ways to engage your reader and sell your services efficiently. If you want to explore some techniques to make your blog popular amongst the interested readers then this is the blog to keep a tab on. This blog will guide you towards tools that can help in gaining audience attention.

2. Make a living writing


If you have a bent towards writing, then you should certainly follow this blog. It will give you advice you on how to earn money using your writing skills and how to be an effective freelance writer. It helps you in making a full time living by exploring your writing skills. It helps you overcome common fears one faces during writing.

3. Problogger


This blog helps an amateur blogger understand various techniques and styles of writing an effective blog. It will guide you towards principles of starting a blog, how and why to create guest posts, and how to keep your blog going amongst your target audience. Problogger also guides you towards creating a conversation within your blogs and how to keep your content original. It will help you read through experiences of other bloggers and learn from their mistakes. Giving six hundred pages of free content, it helps you polish your writing skills.

4. Writer’s digest


Writer’s digest can act as a bible for a blogger. It helps you understand common grammatical errors, punctuation errors and basics of being an effective writer over the internet. It provides your poetry forums, helping you understand various poetry styles and forms of poetry available.

5. Jeff Goins


This blog will help you polish your writing skills and aid in overcoming common hurdles writers face. It will give you blogging tips that will help you in creating an impactful blog.

Professionals and amateurs are a part of any profession or hobby. Opting to read about other blogs or follow other writing blogs can help you hone writing your skills no matter what you write about. If you want to launch a writing career, then these blogs can be your true guide. These writing blogs will help you in understanding common challenges of writing and common mistakes various writers tend to make. Start following these blogs and go blogging.

Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology. Beside this she is fond of Gadgets. Recently an article on ecofriend attracted her attention. These days she is busy writing articles for cellphonebeat.com & bornrich.com

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