Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate on your eCommerce Website

Step-By-Step Approach

Developing an eCommerce website is not an uphill task. What is difficult is retaining the potential customers and increasing the conversion ratio of the site. This article provides some steps following which, eCommerce web developers reduce bounce rates and increase the conversion ratio on their website.

The world of eCommerce has evolved and how; today there are numerous eCommerce websites, which sell everything – right from a safety pin to prosthetic implants, from candies to elaborate meals. Also, numerous customers prefer shopping online rather than visiting the brick-and-mortar stores due to the convenience provided by these sites. But things are not as hunky dory as they seem to be; it is difficult retaining shoppers on the site and making them buy the products and services.

Let us take a look at some of the steps which help you retain the customers and reduce the bounce rate on your eCommerce site.

Choose the Right Font and Use it Well

The typography does influence a customer’s buying decision to an extent. The fonts which you use on your site must be in sync with your target users and make an instant connection with them. For e.g. if your target audience is corporate professionals, then go for a no-frills, professional looking font such as Times New Roman or Arial; using Comic sans or other such fonts, will not serve the purpose in this case.

You must see to it that the font is used appropriately on the site. For this, you can make variations in the style, size and weight of the same font chosen by you and use the same for headline, body text, call-to-action and other elements on the site. This is because, using too many types of font, too large/too small fonts affects the readability of the site and distracts the users and this can make them abandon the site.

Make the Site Look Appealing to the Users

Don’t forget the fact that online shoppers, shop with their eyes. Hence, use your imagination and use various design elements such as banners, sidebars, logos, icons or images to increase the visual appeal of your site. Alternatively, you can use an attractive theme on your site to increase its visual appeal. For instance, during the Holiday season, you can decorate your website with animated images of gifts, holly leaves, lots of snow, sledge et al. Since the colors red, green and white are the colors of the season, you can use them on all your web pages and design elements. This will definitely influence the customers’ to take a call-to-action.

Make the Shopping Cart Shopper-Friendly

Make the shopping cart on your site user-friendly. First of all, they must be able to locate the shopping cart icon on your site. Hence, place it on your web page, preferably on top right corner, where most of the visitors can see it and use it. Next, allow your customers to view, add, edit or remove items from the cart easily. You can use the following features in your shopping cart for your users:

  • Add/Remove items
  • Change the quantity of items
  • Button for confirming the order
  • Button to discard the Cart
  • See the grand total and shipping charges+ taxes

These were some of the steps using which you can easily reduce the bounce rate for your eCommerce website and increase the conversion ratio.

HazelR is associated with PLAVEB – leader in eCommerce website design. She likes to keep herself updated on the latest tools and technologies related to web development. When she is not developing websites, she is busy researching topics of her interest and writing about some of them. You can find her write-ups on a number of guest-blogging websites. Find PLAVEB on Facebook and Twitter.


  • October 17, 2012


    Excellent tips to reduce bounce rate for e-commerce website. this will helpful to enhance business and one can earn additional bucks. Thanks

  • October 27, 2012


    Hey, good tips for ecommerce! We will try them!

  • October 31, 2012


    Nowadays people will click on and of a site in a blink of an eye and that excaclly the amount f time you have to grab a persons attention, so you have to do everything in your power to keep that person interested and not click the back button

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