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15 Examples of Logo Design Process


A logo represents a brand and serves as an instant means of brand recognition and recollection but it is true nonetheless. The process for logo design is not as simple as it seems. It is not just about zeroing in on a design that appeals to your aesthetic sense.

A logo represents the product and the organization behind the product. Standard design elements are used but each element represents an aspect of the working of the organization or the nature and quality of the product. A logo proves to be the differentiating factor when it comes to people’s perception about the brand. It creates the brand image. Here is a closer look at the design processes for 15 logos to give you an insight into what the design process for a logo is all about.

1. Batenco


Batenco is active in the consulting and corporate training domain. The design brief reflected the company’s desire to depict in its logo its motto of teamwork and collaboration for success. Sketches were designed after competitor analysis, market research and linking the different elements involved.

Standard design elements were used to depict each aspect. The design was then digitized. Appropriate colors and font were chosen for the logo and the accompanying text.



Berthier is an architecture firm based in Tokyo. It is involved in designing office interiors in a manner that employee performance is maximized and the interiors get a distinct appeal in keeping with the corporate image. It was obvious then that the Berthier logo is sleek and smooth.

The smooth curves represent everything that is found in space- wind, water, ergonomics- and Feng Shui is used as a means of depicting wind and water. After the designing was complete, the white over black color scheme was opted for.

3. Brokers Direct


The designer was keen on keeping it simple and sleek. The work for the logo started with a look at the possible alternatives for font. Sans serif font was chosen and different combination of letters was looked at in small case and capital case.

Appropriate spacing between the letters was considered. After sketching multiple designs, the arrow was selected albeit with a twist. Typography came into the picture next and the logo was ready.

4. Dezeen Watch Store


Dezeen Watch Store is a retail venture selling watches from respected brands and designers. Dezeen is a famed architecture and design blog that has made it to Time magazine’s Design 100 list. The design had to give a typographic brand identity to the store while immediately identifying it with Dezeen.

Pattern tests were conducted and a clock identity was chosen. Different colors schemes were then tested. The final design was so chosen that the circles, complete or incomplete, in different colors represent different seasons and hours, minutes and seconds of a watch.

5. Ecometrica


Ecometrica is into carbon footprint services apart from land use change monitoring. Sketches were drawn to link the various aspects of the business. Each of the rings and the font represent association with the nature and work taken up for preservation of ecosystems.

6. Fitucci


Fitucci is into supply of good quality custom doors and windows for luxurious residential buildings and commercial complexes. As per the design brief, the new logo had to be redesigned from the old logo with focus on simplicity, sophistication, luxury and elegance.

Research was conducted and several sketches were drawn before finally opting for a concept based logo. The trapeziums and side rectangles in the logo represent windows and doors.

7. Green Candy


The work began with study of the design brief in detail and consideration of the various elements to incorporate. A color palette was then chosen to give clients multiple options to choose from. Different alternatives for font were considered. The sketching process was then taken up and various ideas were pondered over for. A tree was at the core of each of the designs. Three concepts were then selected for the client to choose from.

8. Hotbox Studios


Hotbox Studios is involved in creative animation and design. The design entailed working on logo color and font to keep it sleek and simple. A number of designs were then sketched and finally a simple representation of a box was chosen to give the logo a unique and stylish look.

9. JMR Insurance


The logo for this Florida based insurance company was to be a pictorial depiction of the phrase ‘Protecting Your World’. In addition, the company’s 25 year experience in the insurance domain was also to be kept in focus. The designer used a lion in the logo to represent strength in keeping with the phrase in the design brief.

The scepter in the Lion’s hand represents the French and Irish origins of the owners of the company. The logo was digitized and presented before the client for approval.

10. Metro Aviation


Metro Aviation is a transport company that uses helicopters for transportation. The work began with concepts for building the design from. The ideas represented rotor and lift dynamics, bird wings, rendition of the helicopter with the text and concepts with a hummingbird. The hummingbird concepts were created as the client was keen on having it as a part of the logo but a differentiation was needed as many helicopter transport companies were using a hummingbird in their logo.

The designer used Adobe Illustrator to carry out further work. A hovering shape around the bird with a red & black color combination failed to get the client’s approval. The color scheme was aligned to the color of the helicopters and the swirl gave way to a simple ring around the hummingbird and the concept was ready.

11. Mindberry


Mindberry is a Vienna based consulting company that also provides project management services. The design brief emphasized on the success of the company in Austria and its attempts at further expanding its operations in the rest of Europe and USA.

It was keen on attracting a young and trendy audience while at the same time remaining identifiable to the conservative companies. Minimalism and a subtle touch to the logo was the key here. The design and the color scheme and the font were so chosen to keep all these factors in mind.

12. myNiteLife


myNiteLife is a portal meant to assist you in opting for the right restaurant, club or other venues in Sheffield. Each of the venues listed come with ratings and user reviews. The work on the logo began on Adobe Illustrator with some basic ideas on the design such as rounded and classy serif typefaces, spotlights, dancing silhouettes and moon shapes.

A black background was chosen in keeping with the color scheme of the website. The slab serif version was opted after much deliberation. It was then tweaked to make the kerning tighter and the dot on the i in ‘Nite’ was replaced by a crescent moon shape.

13. New England Breeze


This organization is into sale and installation of solar panels at residential complexes as well as commercial establishments. The company was keen to position the brand as approachable and pro-environment. Designs were sketched as per this brief and the better ones were selected from these to carry the work ahead on Adobe Illustrator. Multiple adaptations of each of these initial ideas were created.

Five logo designs were selected and sent to the client. A design was finalized and tweaked a bit. Typography was then added to complete the logo. The color scheme was chosen at the end and the logo in bright blue was finalized.

14. Undersea productions


Undersea productions works in the domain of undersea imaging. It was keen to do away with its old logo for something more sophisticated. The design process began with a study of the video recordings of the world underneath the sea. The sketching process began after this. Several sketches with aquatic animals and a camera were created; some were even integrated into the typeface.

The actual design that was finalized came much later. An integration of fishes and a camera’s aperture was needed in the logo. Work was carried out on this and after several iterations the final logo was created. A suitable typeface with a rounded font was chosen and the color scheme was kept light blue in keeping with the organization’s business that deals with undersea imaging.

15. WebMYnd


This company is a startup that developed a browser plug-in that aims to turn your web browsing history into something that is akin to a person’s memory. A copy of your search history is stored which you can use later for searching text and images later on. The design brief was to create a logo that represented the idea of a tool to collect data in place of bookmarking and tagging websites.

Work began with a simple logo that represented the human brain but it was not taken further. The effort then moved towards creating a monogram using W and M from WebMYnd. A symmetrical design was then chosen with a W representing the mirror image of M. Vibrant colors were opted for to give a striking look to the logo.

The complexity of the process is meant to give the best possible result. The design process basically entails attention to detail and an organized step-by-step approach. At each step you consider various alternatives. Eliminate the ones that do not align with the message you want to convey through the logo. Keep it simple and minimalistic or a bit loud as per the requirement of the client’s sphere of activity.
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May 24, 2012

hm the number 12, myNiteLife used practically the same “Nite” as in the GoodNites logo which deals with bed wetting … weird association

May 25, 2012

It’s so tough to stay inspired when creating a logo, and so easy to be discouraged. Nice post of some logos to be inspired by.